Apple's Airpods Are an Omen

Apple's Airpods Are an Omen »

The moment I put the Apple AirPods in my ears, I feel like I’ve already dropped them in the toilet. They are so small and slippery. The mere act of removing these precious, wireless ear buds from their lozenge-shaped case makes them feel like a futuristic cure to unknown ills.

Do the opposite

Do the opposite »

The California Coastal Records Project was founded in 2002. The purpose was to document the California coastline with photography. So they flew the entire length of California in a helicopter, taking 10 photographs every mile – 12,000 pictures in all.

What’s interesting is that I think there is a…

“What’s interesting is that I think there is a strong analog to timekeeping technology here for our own products and computational devices. Think about clock towers, and how monumental but singular they are. They are mainframes. From there, clocks moved into homebound objects, but you wouldn’t have one in every room; you might have one for the whole house, just like PCs in the 1980s. Then maybe more than one. Then, time-telling migrated to the pocket. Ultimately, a clock ended up on the wrist, so there is such a curious connection with what we wanted to do, and that was a connection we were really very aware of.”

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