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Photographer Takes Nude Self-Portraits To Document Her Changing Body

London-based photographer Polly Penrose’s on-going series ‘A body of work’ is an exploration of her changing body as it ages. 

Taken over a period of seven years, they document key moments in her life, from her engagement to her pregnancy, to motherhood. 

Each photograph is an “unrehearsed response” to her environment, and a visual representation of her attempts to fit into the confines of her physical space. 

In one image, Penrose balances her outstretched body on a chair while another shows her heavily pregnant figure balancing calmly against a wall. 

Though the physically demanding nature of her pictures left little room for feelings, they have grown to become a record of her emotional state at that time. 

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Turning Food Into Something Unexpected with @seriousdesign

To see more of Matija’s unusual mashups, follow @seriousdesign on Instagram.

It was the steak flip-flops that gave Matija Erceg (@seriousdesign) the idea. He was a little bored with his day-to-day job as a web developer, and when he saw a picture of a pair of flip-flops with soles made out of steak, inspiration struck him.

“I imagined what it would be like to wear them,” says Matija, who is based in Vancouver, Canada. “I wanted to evoke the same reaction of delightful disgust in other people, so I set off on a mission to pair food and everyday objects into ‘serious designs.’”

Matija started with some shrimp headphones. “Imagine the feeling of putting them into your ears, as you would earbuds,” he says. “I think that seeing them on the ends of the wires helps imagine the sensation.”

From an iPod made of cheese to a banana gun, there is seemingly no end to Matija’s tweaks. So far he has confined himself to Photoshop, but says he’s considering making real sculptures. “I’ve been studying the art of fake food, like you see in some restaurant window displays,” he says. “Maybe a trip to Japan is in the cards?”